Kids + Cooking = Messes!

Our dream of Camp Sugar Drop is to provide a fun and safe environment where students are allowed to come and play with their food! We want to support the dreamers, those students who want to own their own bakery or go on to be the next Great Bakery! We want students to see how food, especially sugar, can be a great canvas to showcase whatever one can imagine. Camp Sugar Drop allows for students to join an instructor in our real commercial kitchen to learn the step-by-step process of creating a wide variety of menu offerings. From cake and cookies to the salty and savory, each week of Camp will provide campers with a different set of instructional lessons and new set of skills, including mixing and baking, fondant work, knife work, cleanliness and much more.

In 2017, Sugar Drop hosted their first, four week Camp experience that took students through an international journey including France and Italy. Students were able to create sauces, drinks, pastries and much more from each country all while having fun with new friends and creating challenging weekly menus. Sugar Drop followed up with a Winter Camp in 2017 that lead students through a three day sugar experience including beginning lessons in buttercream, fondant and cookies. It was the sweetest way to kick off the new year!

Sugar Drop is excited to announce their plans for Camp Sugar Drop 2019! Each of the six weeks has been carefully planned and will allow for students to step into the create and learn the art of baking, mixing and much more. Sugar Drop is also excited to host three well known instructors from the Nashville area including Laura of Laura’s Custom Cookies, Julie of CraziCakes and private chef Keshia Hay of Sip and Bite Cocktail. Students will receive a shirt, apron, bag of goodies, new set of friends, loads of homemade goodies and pride in knowing that they survived the Sugar Rush!