Sugar Drop expanding their team and now hiring an experienced Baker & Decorator!

Our Bakers and Decorators are responsible for the proper baking, decorating, and presenting of all products from the oven to the bakery case. The person in this position is also responsible for quality control.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Cleanly and efficiently bake and prepare all products including cakes, cookies & pies.

• Rotate and keep clean any food storage areas and containers.

• Ability to complete all decor with Sugar Drop’s signature style.

• Execute all recipes as they are written and have general product food knowledge.

• Keep all equipment (ovens, mixers, food processors, etc.) in clean working order.

• Assist in putting away deliveries and breaking down boxes, and communicate items to be purchased.

• Keep the bakery case full, stocked and clean while the shop is open.

• Keep a clean and tidy work-space at all times in accordance with Sugar Drop’s policies and procedures.

• Tracking weekly/daily orders to make sure all orders are completed and fulfilled on time while working with other team members. Must be able to maintain daily/weekly menu.

• Daily duties include but not limited to dish washing and sanitation, table and utensil prep, trash removal, sweeping/washing floor, coolers, fridge/freezer and all kitchen equipment. Cleaning schedule and checklist must be signed off on daily at the end of shift.

• Must adhere to company guidelines and procedures as well as bakery job description as provided including dress code, time off requests, cell phone usage. Must be able to work throughout holiday seasons.

• Be able to take on additional tasks including but not limited to product packaging, product development, event preparation.

Job Qualifications:

Experience working in a professional kitchen setting preferred but not required.

Ability to keep a friendly, positive attitude with staff and customers.

Good communication skills.

Must be able to stand 4-6 hours.

Must be fit enough to lift up to 50 pounds at a time, multiple times a day.

Must have a working knowledge of food safety in accordance with Tennessee Health Department.

Desired Hours:

Monday, Wednesday-Friday: 9am-3pm

Pay: $13-$16 per hour, based on experience

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