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Sugar Drop Super Science Sleuths! Part 1 8/1, 10:30-12

Sugar Drop Super Science Sleuths!

The Case of the Undone Cake

Sugar Drop invites young sleuths -- ages 5 to 10 -- for a guided investigation to figure out the "Case of the Undone Cake." 

On August 1st, your sleuth will do hands-on science activities that focus on why cakes rise.  Can they handle the pressure?  We think so! 

On August 2nd, the case takes a sweet turn as your sleuth focuses on all things flavorful, making models of sugar molecules and putting various liquids to the litmus test. 

Each day's 'case closed' moment earns a Sugar Drop Super Science Sleuth Sundae.  It's only $35 per program and 15% of all ticket sales go to benefit local nonprofit causes!  It's Sugar Drop's new Super Science Sleuths, an engaging and educational program as sweet as it gets.